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Doug was born and raised in Oregon and is a true native of God’s Country. He graduated in 1978 from Medford Senior High School and went on to discover his passion for serving God, and for over 40 years he has faithfully served in the ministry in Oregon, Iowa, Ohio, and California. This provided Doug the opportunity to experience a wide range of services which included child and adolescent development, outreach programs, community organizing, evangelism, summer camp administration, and adult and family counseling.

Later in life while ministering in this capacity, Doug found himself battling Alcoholism. This became a constant struggle and for over 14 years which he kept private, not only from his immediate family but also the church.

Then suddenly, Doug found himself in the ICU struggling and clinging to life while on the verge of cardiac arrest due to alcohol poisoning and kidney failure. As he laid there upon the gurney, he found himself crying out to God and while gazing at the ceiling lights that were slowly fading, he said, “God, don’t take my light away, give me one more chance.” It was only by the hand of God’s Grace that six days later he walked out of the hospital never having to take another drug or drink again.

The struggle of wanting to quit and yet the continual shame of relapse directed him to AA and Celebrate Recovery. Says Doug: “It is my own desire to take this freedom to others so that they, too, can experience a new hope.” Doug’s unique approach through humor, music and speaking allows him to connect with others that suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. His ability to use daily life situations from his own addiction and secrets and relate them in a humorous format, allows him not only to understand the heart and mind of the addict but also to communicate to them that they are not alone.

In May of 2012, Doug took over as Executive Director of the Foundations for Recovery, a peer mentoring drug and alcohol treatment and prevention agency. Then, in December of 2018, a door closed but another one opened, and a new opportunity presented itself. To establish a Christ-Centered agency that provided services for “all forms” of addiction and/or compulsive behaviors.

Our vision for our community is to provide support within our faith community, to provide educational and informational support groups which includes our local schools and youth groups and to take the message of HOPE to our streets through our mobile community outreach program.

At the ROC we believe in “Restoring Our Community” by providing much needed support with our goal of “Building A New Life Upon The ROCK.” To book or schedule a presentation with Doug and the ROC Team at your church or group, please call the ROC at 541-200-3000.