“And they will remember that God was their Rock, and they will be redeemed.”
Psalms 78:35

Grace Point Fellowship

Phone: 541.200.3000

We are Here to Serve the Southern Oregon Community. We Invite You to Come As You Are. Our Services are Confidential & Payment is Determined on Sliding Scale.
(scholarships are available)

The ROC Recovery Center is located at 213 S. Fir St., inside Grace Point Fellowship, in Medford, Oregon.

The ROC Recovery Center is a faith-based charitable organization that is committed to meet the needs of those struggling with addiction behavior, mental illness, domestic violence, homelessness or emotional trauma in the Southern Oregon community. If you or someone you know battles with addiction behaviors please give us a call at 541.200.3000 or email: rocrecovery@gmail.com 
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